Wednesday, March 08, 2017

blue handwoven bathroom towels.

I finally finished my first set of handwoven bathroom hand towels.

These towels are super absorbent and fast dry.  They are also very squishy!  A complete delight to use, but I must admit, I was very nervous while making them.

The warp has a random-ish pattern to it.  I wound four colours at once, then threaded them onto the loom as they came to me.  It looked good in the sample facecloths I wove, but I was nervous to see how it would look on a larger scale.

The neat thing about winding four yarns at once on a warp instead of the usual one at a time is that it goes about 20 times faster.  One doesn't have to stop and count so often, and it's just way more fun this way.  So when I had finished my blue warp, I was in the zone.  I quickly wound a second warp but this time, I used up little bits and bobs of yarn I had left over for an even more random effect.

I used 8/2 cotton set at 20epi.  I choose this draft because it has a 1/3 twill - one up, three down - which is very quick and easy on a direct tie up jack loom like mine.   As you can see, the fabric is a different colour on the other side.  I think, if it wasn't for such a colourful warp, the 'back side' would be the main side as it has a much stronger waffle look than the 'front'.

On the whole, very happy.


Deborah said...

They are beautiful! What a luxury to have handmade towels.

Josiane said...

Your towels are great! I really like how your warp turned out; it makes for a fantastic fabric. Towels for the bathroom were already high on my list of things I want to make when I finally get started weaving, and yours may have just nudged the idea to the top of the list!