Sunday, August 01, 2010


I had a dream the other night. I was wondering in an enormous herb garden, full of vibrant, flowering plants, just as the sun was starting to rise. My stocking feet were heavy with dew from the clover and the garden practically sparkled with condensation.

Amongst the plants were beautiful sculptures, like large trumpet flours and funnels, each three or four feet high, but only a few inches thick at their widest part. Some of these sculptures were made of mettle, others, glass. Each of these sculptures had a hollow stem that settled in the dirt next to a plant, looking all the world like its sentinel.

When I looked closely at these sculptures, thinking that they belonged more on a science fiction show then in a herb garden, I noticed that they too glistened with dew and that the dew trickled down the trumpet, inside and outside of the stem, to the soil, watering the plant.

These beautiful sculptures were dew collectors and although they did not collect a huge amount of water, each morning they provided sufficient moisture for their particular plant to thrive in the heat of the day.

That was my dream.

Now I'm fascinated to learn if this is possible. You see, I am actually clearing some land for next year's herb garden. It's going to be quite large, and difficult to water in the summer. However, it does get a heavy dew every morning... if I could harvest that somehow... Has it been done already? I know there are plants that have a specific shape to capture the morning mist. Can we imitate these plants and create a water gathering system of our own?



Bonnie said...

Hi Raven,
I loved reading about your dream. Let me know when you find out if there is something to your inner intuition regarding herb gardening and watering. ....I am totally in love with gardening and especially happy with my herb garden this year. The wet spring didn't produce much for the vegetable garden which i started quite late as a I first needed to build it as well from scrap wood. The herb garden was more intuitive and I received some wonderful plants from an 85 year old fellow artist lady who lives on a very old farm. It was great fun selecting plants she wanted to give to people.
Which herbs are your favourites?

Anyhow, it's late so I'll sign off. Keep in touch when you have some sound incredibly busy...especially with all the fiber arts you are involved in!!!Say hi to dad and your grandpa.
My parents moved to the island a few months ago as well now. They are living on property with some woodland, in Dashwood, about a ten minute drive north of the town of Qualicum Beach. It's very peaceful and pretty there. There is a remnant of a garden which will need new soil next year and there are a few fruit trees. My grandson, Jaiden and i enjoyed a visit up there with his papa and grandma-mama eating over the fire pit and Jaiden and I got to excavate an old skeleton of some small animal in the woods. Jaiden was convinced it was a terradactyl.....I figure it may have been a possum. It was perfectly preserved with lots of moss intertwined around the bones...must have been there a long time. i took some photos and collected the bones.
Anyhow.....take care and enjoy life in the moment with gratitude and positiveness as you posted on your blog.....I relate as well....all of us have something that seems such a climb, and yet if we look's all the little things and moments that are beautiful and that matter. Thanks for sharing that thought and your dream!!!!
aunt Bonnie

Josiane said...

What a lovely dream, and how wonderful that it may have given you such a useful idea! Please post pictures of your dew collectors once you make this vision happen in your real-world garden. :)