Sunday, August 01, 2010

Twist collective fall 2010

It surprised me to discover that the Twist Collective is two years old now.

Between The Twist Collective, Knitty and Ravelry, a knitter could hardly ask for more from the Internet.

One of the things I like about the Twist Collective is that the format feels like you are reading a magazine, only without the ink-stink. I also like that their patterns are pay-as-you-knit (yes, free is better, but if you have to pay, this is the way to go).

I love fall knitting, all those little hats, socks, fingerless mitts, sweaters and even better, cardigans. (the fall issue of the Twist Collective just came out) I'm even taken with a cardigan/coat kind of pattern which goes to show you that I need more time in a day to accomplish all the marvellous things that one can do with yarn.

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Felicity said...

I understand that entirely! There's one cardigan in there I want to wash a fleece and spin for, it just looks so beautiful.