Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday, um Wednesday, um... I tatted, here's a photo.

On the advice of some very wise tatters, I tried another sample of the Tatted Mask.

I'm much happier with how it is coming out.

This is still sample yarn/thread to get the hang of the pattern. I'm now focusing more on tension and keeping the knots all the same size. I'm looking forward to trying this pattern in some 'good' thread.

As for tea, I had some ginger and cinnamon tea yesterday.


agasunset said...

This is very comfortable mask pattern, I made it myself in purple. I love the thread color you use, just be careful with the thread size. I made mine with size 10 thread and it came out bit large, man size if you may :))

Nancy in Dallas said...

Did you finish the tatted mask? I am trying it, but find its too big. Just wondered how yours turned out.