Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tour de Fleece 2010 - Romney

While washing up the remainder of my Shetland, I found some grey Romney that I had washed some time ago. I've been meaning to comb it and since I already had the combs out for the Shetland, I thought why not spin up some Romney samples.

The Romney broke open with great ease. It's a wonderful fleece with amazing depth of colour. In some light it appears almost bright blue. In others, dark grey, or brown. It will make an amazing fabric.

In the photo, there are the combed tops, some uncombed locks and on the spindle is a sampling of the comb-waste. I love the texture of the comb waste and perhaps, I could make a blanket or coat by using worsted singles from the combed tops for warp and worsted-draft textured singles from the comb-waste for weft.

As if I need another project. This is just a bit of fun today to have a break from spinning brown. Perhaps a project to begin after the fall fair?

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Josiane said...

What a wonderful idea for a future project! I love that you are thinking of using the comb-waste for it.