Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday - frustration

Up until now, I think I've been blessed when it comes to tatting. Somehow, what I create with thread and shuttles comes out looking very like what I wanted it to look like.... not today.

The pattern I am trying to create is Tatted Mask, and the part I just tatted is suppose to be the inner round, around the eye. In a word, it is suppose to be somewhat eye shaped. It isn't.

See? I even drew a scribble of the shape I think it is suppose to be. I'm only missing one chain to complete the round (I forgot to join the last ring) and I don't see how it will fit together and still be the right shape.

I've seen this tatted a couple of other places on line and they have turned out fine. So either there is something wrong with my technique or there is something wrong with how I'm reading the pattern.


ps. Earl Grey today. Nice and strong. I'm going to need it for when I try again.

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