Saturday, July 03, 2010

Tour de Fleece 2010 - day one and tatting

Yesterday, I had some help from the ducklings sorting out the rest of the Shetland fleece.

Today the Tour de France began. It was time trials, a thing I find incredibly boring. As if the commentators needed another excuse to talk about Lance. Lance this and Lance that. Even if he is still a good rider, he always seems so angry to me and I would much rather hear about some of the other riders from time to time. There's almost 200 riders, why do we always have to hear about one American.

Oh, goodness. I sound like a Canadian.

The Tour de Fleece for me, began very well. I had a few moments spinning wool (the brown tops in the photo) to warm up, then I spun up a couple of samples of silk tatting thread. The silk is glowing white and I love it. It's Navajo ply, and much finer than anything I've tatted with before. If I was the kind of person to use the expression, I heart ...., I would totally heart this silk thread I made today.


Josiane said...

Lovely! And the duckling helper is just adorable!

JustApril said...

Ducky looks a little scared of the fleece - hahahaha

Isdihara said...

I gasped in surprise to read that you spun your own silk tatting thread. That is so impressive to me, I cannot adequately express my awe.

Would love to read an article about spinning threads fine enough and strong enough for tatting. Would you be interesting in writing one?

It would not surprise me if any number of tatting/lace guilds would clamor for permission to print it in their publications. May I be first in line?

agasunset said...

Silk thread? And you span it yourself? Oh my, thats incredible. Would you mind selling me few yards please, I'd like to try it myself :))