Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tour de Fleece 2010 - The End

This is the first time I have compleated the Tour de Fleece. To be honest, I didn't think I would do it. But I had loads of support from my team mates on teams: Hopelessly Over committed, Raw Power, Climbers, and Sprinters. Thank you everyone.

I began the tour by spinning some silk tatting thread (not shown in the photo), then washed, combed and worsted spun a Shetland fleece at 36+wpi, wove a sample from the Shetland, I spun some samples, experimenting with different fibre prep methods, washed some Romney and to top it off, spun sock yarn from my prize fibre (also Shetland) donated to the Tour by Waterloo Wools.

For my final day of the Tour, I cast on a pair of socks with my TdF sock yarn. That's right, two socks at once on Double Point needles to boot. Woot! I had forgotten how fun this technique is.


Josiane said...

Great summary (both in words and in picture) of your Tour de Fleece! I'm really impressed by all you've accomplished during the TdF. Congrats!

Homesteadgirl said...

Wow, is that a sock I see in your basket...I love that colour combo of pinks/oranges/browns an Arizona sunset.

Anonymous said...
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