Friday, July 02, 2010

Shake, raddle and warp

I made a raddle yesterday. (Is that the right spelling? Raddle? The spell check says no, but when I Goggle 'weaving raddle', it says yes.)

A raddle is a very simple device that helps you dress a loom. You spread your warp threads on it and it helps stop them from tangling up. Among other things.

I got a piece of wood from my dad, marked 1/2 inch intervals, hammered some nails into it, and presto! A wonderful handspun silk warp.

This is that project I talked about earlier. The one that is giving me the bad dreams. As you can see from the photos, it is obviously handspun. I've already woven it and am getting it ready to wash. I've been very nervous at every stage of the project - expecting it to fall apart if I breath on it. But, the warp proved itself strong, if a bit fuzzy in places.

More and more as I work on it, I suspect that this will not be the fin... EEEEK! A MOTH! DIE! ...okay, moth is dead, that was scary. I hope it wasn't a wool eating moth...... I suspect that this will not be the project that I enter into the fair. I'll have to take what I learn from this one and make a better one. I just feel that something will go wrong. Even at 15epi, the fabric is very open and not what I hoped for. It might just be a learning project, but even so, I feel glad that I got the confidence up to weave with handspun warp.


Josiane said...

You did it! Yay! Even though the fabric is not quite what you were hoping for, I'm sure it's lovely, and it's already proving useful as a learning project. Awesome!

granny janny said...

Well done. Have you washed it yet. That would make the yarn bloom and give more body to the fabric.
The next time you use the raddle, put elastic bands over the nails or use masking tape over the nails. That way no threads can shift on you.