Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Grimms' Fairy Tales

Yet another yard sale find.   I'm very tempted to use this book in a steampunk project; however, I don't want to cut it up and regret it later.

I have another copy of the Grimms tales, which is printed with paper and ink that don't cause a reaction for me.  This copy, although beautiful, smells strongly of cheap tobacco and mildew.

I spent a few hours searching the web for the value of this version.  I can't find any instances of it so it's either so rare and valuable that I've won the lottery and should auction it off quickly.  Or, it's so common, no one cares about it.  Either way, the illustrations are gorgeous.

Can any book lovers out there tell about this tome?

Update - the decision is this is too nice a book to cut up and use for an art project.  Apparently the illustrator is moderately famous and the translation was the definitive version for many years.  It was published in the late 1920s, and I was able to find one person selling a copy of it for $90 asking price.

Since space is limited around here, I'll just take this book down to the local book shop next time I'm in town - middle of July at the earliest. If anyone on the net want's this book, drop me a line.  we can negotiate a price that's fair for everyone and I can stick it on my etsy shop.

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