Sunday, July 01, 2012

Tour de Fleece 2012 - Stage 1

Goals are a very important aspect of yarn sports.  You may be tempted to think that an event like the Tour de Fleece, is a bunch of people watching sports on TV while engaging in their favourite craft activity.  But it's much more than that.  I suspect far fewer than half the people who participate, watch or even follow the actual sporting event.  Even so, the competition is fierce.

Like the cyclists of the Tour de France, we spin our wheels.  And just like those super-human athletes, our biggest challenge is to overcome our own limitations.  Of course, they have the advantage of being in top physical shape and training all year long.  But both groups do what we love best and peruse it with the single mindedness that only great passion can impart.

For the Tour de Fleece, everyone (just about everyone) has to goal to spin each day the riders race.  That's three weeks of spinning yarn with only two rest days.  For most people, this is challenge enough.

But then there are them others.  Others like me who challenge themselves further.  

My goal is to spin 1 skein of yarn per day or to prepare 1 lb of fibre each day.  

Although not the most challenging goals I've set myself for a TdF, one has to take into account the conditions of the road.  To strive to achieve something amazing given your limitations and the conditions that surround you.  A cyclist that rides beyond their skill set is going to crash.  But one who can cycle just at that leading edge of their abilities, be consistent and always pushing themselves to expand their abilities, well that is what it takes to be amazing.  

Today's spinning, 120 yds of a very soft alpaca, worsted weight yarn.

Herman, one of our rescue alpacas, has beautiful cream fibre with a couple of brown patches.  I washed and carded the fibre earlier in the year and finally had a chance to spin some up.  I'm surprised at what a treat it is to spin, though, perhaps I shouldn't be.  Herman is the only one who doesn't roll around in the mud every chance he gets.

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Josiane said...

What a cutie Herman is! The fibre clouds are gorgeous and look so delightfully soft... No wonder it was such a treat to create that lovely skein of yarn!

grackleandsun said...

I love how the yarn looks like Herman, creamy white with the odd brown patch. Very cool!