Sunday, July 01, 2012

I'm in a contest!

I wonder if you've ever come across the Etsy Contest?  It's actually quite a fun little game.  They show you two photos from two different etsy shops, and you click which one you like better.  It doesn't cost you anything to play, you can just click on one choice, or you can keep playing and click a whole bunch.

Basically it's a tool to help the shop owners to learn how successful they are doing with their photos and portraying their product.  It's a fantastic learning tool for us poor shopkeeps.

Of course, there is always the small chance that someone clicking might actually see something they would like to learn more about and perhaps, occasionally, even buy.  But that is just extra.

So, if you have a few moments today, please click this link here.  It will take you directly to where you can vote for (or heaven forbid, against) my picture.  I'll be in the contest today only - it would be great if you could click for me.