Thursday, December 01, 2016

loving the rainbow warp

Anything bad I said this morning, I take it all back.  I found the perfect colour weft for my rainbow.   Black!

The photos just don't do it justice.  It's perfect!

Actually, I had black in mind when I planned these colours, I just didn't have any black on hand.  While I'm waiting for the yarn to arrive, I dug out some black linen.  I suspect the linen yarn is a bit too thin for this situation.  When the Ashford Cotton gets here, I'll ues that.

While I wait, it's time to start planning the great big tea towel binge.  I am going to weave tea towels until I am happy with my cotton weaving skills.  That might take a lot of towels.

So I called up the local weaving superhero and asked her to send me some yarn samples.

I am finally on the road to becoming a weaver.  I just got my first order from Jane Stafford.  A few cones of  white cotton and this lovely card.  I'm thinking I want to make something inspired by these colours.

Or maybe this flax flower?


Deborahnhamilton said...

I'm not a weaver, but I like your choices of thread. The black really makes the other colors stand out.

Josiane said...

Oh, yes, black! The classic choice to make all the other colours pop! I'd thought of it, but wasn't sure whether it would be the right choice there. There's no doubt anymore: it is obviously perfect!

Your flower-inspired tea towels will be beautiful.