Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Next up, peaceful rhythm dishcloths

We need more towels in our house and I need more practice weaving cotton.  What a great combination.

I discovered the draft for the Peaceful Rhythm Towels and decided to experiment with it.

I'm not certain if I would like the pattern or not, so I adapted it to make some dish cloths.

I'm using 8/2 (or possibly 2/8 - the Canadian one) with the warp in undyed cotton and the weft in different shades of green.

Isn't it amazing how different treadling can give the same warp an entirely different look?  I love it.


Deborahnhamilton said...

That's a very pretty design!

Josiane said...

Needing both more towels and more practice weaving with cotton is indeed a perfect combo. And yes, it's really nice to have a threading that lets us play with different treadling and get great variations!