Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tangled whispers

The Whisper Cardigan has created a rather emotional knitting experience for me. No, nothing has gone wrong with it; just I worry that it might.

At moments I am completely in love with this creation. The fabric is so airy and light. The yarn is amazing, if I may say that myself. I love the colours and, really, the whole thing is just so exciting.

At moments I hate it. The yarn is so thin and, to be honest, I don't have much faith in it. That's not a good sign considering I spun the yarn myself. This isn't going to be an everyday cardigan/shrug like I had hoped because the fabric is so gossamer. The slightest tug will end in this item being flung hopelessly into the repair pile. Also, the fabric is rather transparent so I'll have to take more care than normal to insure it dosen't clash with what I wear underneath. And then there is the unreasonable amount of blocking that this is going to require...

I do love it though, and I am going to finish it if for no other reason that to learn something new about spinning and knitting with such fine singles. Perhaps the structure of the knitted fabric will compensate for the weaknesses of the yarn.

Because I'm so conflicted (at moments I can't stand the sight of it, other moments I cannot put it down) I cast on a Tangled Yoke Cardie. Again, knit with handspun from some Louet fibre I picked up at last year's Spin in. Now this is a project that admits no doubts. I am completely in love with it. I call it my comfort knitting as it seems to sooth my nerves and gives me the strength to return to the Whisper Cardie.

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Josiane said...

Your Whisper cardi is so so so pretty! The yarn, the colours, the fabric, everything works to make it absolutely lovely. But I do understand your ambivalence about it. I hope your fears won't turn out to be true, and you'll get to enjoy wearing it just as you had first envisioned it.
Your Tangled Yoke cardi will be adorable too, and yes, undoubtedly fabulous all around!