Friday, April 17, 2009

Deconstructing sweater

I've been deconstructing that sweater I found last weekend.

First, I took some scissors to it and cut up the front to turn it from a pullover into a jacket. I knit up some button bands out of some early handspun I had in my stash.

Then, I thought that since it is a jacket, it needs some pockets. (more on that later).

And there you see my other lucky find last weekend: a free sewing dummy. It has all sorts of moving parts inside so I have to learn how to make it my shape and size.

If nothing else, it's great for photographing things for my blog.


Josiane said...

It's cute to see the pocket emerging from the sweater! It's inspiring to see you turning that sweater into something that will better suit you and your needs.

JustApril said...

Look at that brave steeking! I'm impressed =)