Sunday, April 12, 2009

A sweater find

I found this sweater at a Yard Sale yesterday. It's 100 % wool, hand knit, and possibly from Nepal (but I have my doubts about that). I figure it would be just right for wearing around the farm. It's also about 12 sizes too large for me.

So, I was thinking, should I stick it in the washing machine and shrink it down? It would make it warmer and more durable. But it might not work (I think it's been through a machine or two in it's day). I could steek it and turn it into a cardie. That would be cozy and more practical for around the farm. Any thoughts?


Josiane said...

I don't have much clever input to offer, so I'll simply wish you good luck in finding the solution that will make it work best for you.

curlysalamander said...

Steeking is always fun. The deconstruction; reconstruction. And washing it will probably not hurt a bit.