Thursday, July 09, 2009

Le tour

The first few days of the Tour de Fleece I have woken up as early as I could to watch the race live. It often ended up being earlier than I had planed as the chickens wake up at or around 4am. This involves a great amount of cock-a-doodle-doo and cock-cock-a-do. 'Though for some reason they let me sleep in this morning.

My challenge for the Tour de Fleece is to spin up some cat fir. A friend dropped off about half a pound of cat fir (bag one of four) for me to spin. To spin this soft fibre I first have to tease it apart, then charge the carders with Bombyx silk and fir. Even being very careful at this stage, there are still all sorts of slubs but they even out fairly well when I ply. I have to spin this very slowly else it all gets away from me. My hope is that by the end of the race I'll be able to spin this up almost as well as I can spin wool.

So I've been spinning and carding, and carding and spinning the last few mornings while I watch the tail end of Le Tour de France. Finally yesterday I finished my first skein.

It makes me happy.

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Josiane said...

It looks so soft and fluffy!
By working every day with the cat fur like you are doing, you sure will have gained a new skill at the end of the Tour. I'm looking forward to future updates on how things are going!