Friday, July 03, 2009


Goodness me, I posted on my blog. Does this mean I'm back? Perhaps.

I've been bumming around Raverly the last few weeks as it's been too hot out during the day. I've joined the Tour de Fleece again this year. Let's hope it's with better results than last year. During the Tour de France, we set ourselves a spinning goal. Mine is to spin up some cat fir that I've been commissioned to spin. It's quite the challenge. We spin every day that the Tour rides, a challenge in and of itself for most spinners, and if we are successful there are possible prizes. I'm part of Team Van Isle which is for people who live on the west coast of BC, in and around Vancouver island, and/or really like the place.

In other yarn news, I'm not certain I like the way that my yarn relaxed and looked so uneven when dyed; as you can see from yesterday's photo. I counted treadles and thought I had gotten the twist quite even, but obviously not. I wonder how I can improve.

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Josiane said...

Cat fur? Quite a challenge indeed! Good luck! I hope you'll have fun discovering ways to play with this fibre, and am looking forward to your updates from the Tour de Fleece.