Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tour de yarn

The Tour de France is in it's last 30km as I speak. I woke up early to watch it live.

As for my tour de fleece challenge, yes, I managed to spin every day of the tour.

I spun two skeins of cat fir blended with silk,

a whole bunch of Suffolk wool,

and about half of a secret project I'm spinning lace weight for a gift.

Considering I'm hand carding these as I go along and I don't have all that much experience spinning strange new fibres like cat, I think I did more than I could have hoped. Some days I only managed ten minutes of spinning, other days, an hour or two.

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Josiane said...

This is quite impressive! You really accomplished a lot during the Tour de Fleece! Those are some seriously gorgeous yarns.
I must get back to spinning. The day before yesterday, I've visited a weaving gallery, and saw very inspiring pieces. That really made me want to get started weaving the kind of things I have in mind, which in turn inspires me to get back to spinning, because I want these things want to be woven with my handspun. Your spinning is inspiring me, too!