Saturday, May 15, 2010

I think tatting is here to stay.

Here's a bit more tatting for you. I saw this bookmark on Ravelry and I thought how lovely. I want it. But there was no pattern for it. So, I attempted to make one for myself.

I think it turned out quite well... except a little further on I made a mistake and have no idea how to un-close a loop. I might be making my knots too tight as the thread is hard enough to pull through in the first place and 'frogging' my tatting might just be impossible. Oh well.

I went down to Knotty by Nature and bought some more thread/yarn/linen for tatting with and informed them of my new obsession. I also let them know of my future need for tatting shuttles. Preferably pretty ones. I showed them some examples of hand made tatting shuttles on etsy and the good people at Knotty will see if any of their artisans would like to make some.

I'm very intrigued by flat shuttles. (see here, here and here - although some of the etsy links might be lost over time, the first one seem permanent.) I don't know if they would be easier to use than the regular tatting shuttle or not, but they are generally more aesthetically pleasing. It would be fun to wear one as a necklace.


❦TattingChic said...

Awesome work! :)

Josiane said...

This is so pretty!
I love that you made up your own pattern when you saw something you liked for which you couldn't find a pattern.

Jane Eborall said...

Welcome to tat land!!! There are a zillion patterns online - just put in 'tatting' in a google search!! Ihave a few on my pattern site - there's a link near the top of my blog!! Sounds like you could be tatting tightly but it could also be to do with the quality of the thread. Keep up the great work.