Monday, May 24, 2010

Tatting and the AntiCraft

I was looking for something a bit more challenging than tatting bookmarks.

I do enjoy making the bookmarks. Even though I've been using the same basic pattern over and over again, it has kept my attention quite a long time. But I thought is was time to move on, try something a bit more complex to get my confidence up for tatting a TARDIS.

After bumming around the internet for a while, I found the free tatting pattern Midnight Violets on The AntiCraft. It looks slightly more challenging so I decided to do a couple of pattern repeats to see what it would be like to make.

I tell you, the photographs on the pattern page for Midnight Violets do no do it justice. I cannot get a good photo of it either. But let me say, it looks amazing in person!

It is also using basic tatting skills: rings and chains. Each of these elements are quite simple on their own, but once they are put together in this order, it looks amazing.

Have I told you yet that I'm amazed by this pattern?

I know it's a bit more lacy than I usually go in for, but I have a plan for this. Only, I have to make a whole lot more of it (about 4 feet total). But that's okay because I have a half a pound of 2/9 linen thread which should be enough to keep me tatting for years on end.

The only thing I'm missing now are more shuttles. I don't want to spend $20 on a shuttle and $35 on shipping and goodness knows how much on customs. I need a Canadian source with little or no shipping charges. If only I could find another shuttle at a yard sale... but that would require going to yard sales.


Josiane said...

Even on a picture that doesn't do it justice, it looks really pretty. I'm looking forward to knowing more about your plan for it!

Fox said...

Excellent links! Thanks!
Fox : )

Gina said...

I know of two vendors in Canada.
Gale Marshall,

and Rita Cochrane, but I don't think she has a website. Let me know if you want to email her. ginab6 at yahoo dot com