Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Tour de Fleece 2013 - Stage four

When I found my spare Ashford bobbins, I also discovered a project that I began a few years ago but never got very far on.

This is a silk, bamboo blend dyed by my friend Ryan of Knotty By Nature.  Behind it you can see a Charkha wheel and an Ashford lace flyer assembly.  The project was to make a significant amount of fine woven cloth with the silk spun two ply for the warp and white cotton singles for the weft.  I cannot remember why I wanted to do it, except that it would be fun.

Given how much trouble I've been having with the heat and working with warm alpaca in the heat, I've decided to change my goals for the Tour de Fleece.  The new goals are to continue washing and carding fibre, and to spin the silk or cotton (depending on my mood) everyday.

The lovely alpaca will just have to wait for winter.

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