Sunday, July 07, 2013

Tour de Fleece 2013 - stage nine

I had one of those days.  I set out early with the simplest of goals: tidy the house so that it's ready for spinning group, and make a calendula dye bath... maybe even mordant some fabric and fibre.

Well, one thing and another, and another, and they just didn't quit.  Apparently today was the day that everyone decided to visit.  Which I like, and Sundays are a good day for it.  One person arrived with some fresh caught fish, so I spent two hours learning how to gut and cut them.  But happy for fresh fish for dinner - nothing quite so nice as that.

I got a little bit of spinning in and harvested the calendula, but that's about it.  I put the calendula to dry, there will be plenty more by monday.  And that's about it.

The calendula are volunteers in the garden this year and they took over.  I'm certain I can find a use for them.

Tomorrow is a rest day for the Tour and for me too.

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Anonymous said...

My flower beds have been just 2-3 rows seeds in one bed. The result is not so impressive like in your photo. I must to sow more densely next year. Between your calendulas there is some bright red flowers too. Beautiful photo of living jewels.