Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tour de Fleece 2013 - stage ten

Today I decided it was time to ply the silk/bamboo yarn.  I've only spun about a quarter of my fibre but have near enough 400 yards.  

This one is suppose to be 90 degrees counter clockwise
however, no matter which editing software I use, blogger still thinks it should be this way up.
ah well, computers are smarter than people these days, so I guess it knows best.

It's coming along very nice, until my drive band broke.  I'm having trouble with the whorls on the lace flyer, they are just too slippery and to get them to grab hold of the world I need to have the band really, really tight.  That's not good for the wheel and apparently it's not good for the drive band either. 

Tomorrow I will try a thicker drive band and perhaps try roughing up the inside of the whorls.  Maybe then I can get some decent traction going.

While plying I watched Hamlet, the one with David Tennant and Patrick Stewart.  I picked it up at the library and it's quite good.  I had forgotten just how long the play is, so I have the best part to watch some time tomorrow.  

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