Monday, January 17, 2011

Saori skirt made by pulling yarns

There is an big old apple tree right next to the hen house. In the yard, Lucky, the big white rooster, stands guard over his hens, protecting them form monsters of every variety.

Be it an eagle or a bunny rabbit, a mink or a raccoon, Lucky is ready to round up his hens and herd them away from any perceived danger. Certain other things fall under the category of monster: Plywood for example, cardboard, and skirts blowing in the breeze. That last 'monster' - a skirt blowing in the wind - makes it much harder to take a photograph of my new Saori Skirt than I had hoped.

The goal was to make a photo with the chickens gather round the dressmaker's dummy, pecking at the ground, looking all pastoral. Instead most of the photos are of the chickens running away from the dressmakers dummy.

Silly Chickens!

The skirt is woven on a Saori Loom. It is constructed by pulling warp yarns, then sewing the bits together. In the Saori book (the one with English) it is called: Skirt Made by Pulling Yarns. I used a linen warp with mostly wool and alpaca handspun for weft.

I like how the weft strips help to give the skirt a very slimming look and the overall shape of the skirt is very classic.


Josiane said...

That's a beautiful skirt! It looks great with your handspun Honeycomb vest. By the way, I remember admiring your vest in progress (I even had the chance to fondle it!), but I don't remember seeing the FO - it's entirely possible that I have missed the post while off traveling, or something. Anyways, I'm taking this opportunity to say that it is absolutely gorgeous! You do seriously beautiful work.

saoriweaver said...

Beautiful skirt - love the setting too.

Happy Weaving

Lynda said...

I love your skirt and vest. They look lovely together in the natural surroundings. Must say that your comments regarding your hopes for the photos "fowled" by the chickens are very amusing, as well. Flipping through your blog has made my day. I can so relate, as a fibre artist, to your musings, disappointments, and delights.