Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Treadle powered sewing machine

I've been wanting to use a treadle sewing machine since the first time I sat down at an electric one. I always imagined that it would provide a feeling of control and responsiveness that is missing from the electric ones. Sure, it's not as fast, but what about me makes you think I like doing things quickly?

I believe it's a Singer model 127 or 128. The cabinet is in need of serious repair, but from what I can tell, everything is there and the timing is good.

This machine came up at a good price, and surprise, it had a whole world of accessories!

There is also about 3 dozen different feet and gadgets galore. What I really like about it is that the bobbin that goes underneath is a long spool shaped thing instead of a squat fat thing.

I also like how decorative these old machines are. It oozes a sense of pride in the workmanship. Sure, these old Singers are a dime a dozen, but that's because they last so long. Can you imagine a current day sewing machine working 100 years from now? I can't.

For those of you who complain that it doesn't surge the edges or offer a zig zag stitch. Well, it has the zig zag attachment. But I very seldom use that stitch anyway. It means changing the foot.

I think it's going to be a perfect machine for me. I can't wait to get sewing on it.


Josiane said...

Oh yes, it really looks like the perfect sewing machine for you! And I'm sure you're the perfect person for that machine. How nice that you've met each other!

yui said...

I'm always excited on your new story.

Michelle said...

hi raven,

I met you at the saori weaving class at knotty by nature. I have been meaning to get in contact with you about weaving.
i am not sure how to go about that.