Friday, December 06, 2013

Animal Photos Once Again: Alpacas and Llamas

These are our rescue boys.  Tommy refused to be photographed, but the others put on a show for us.

Beau is really an Alpaca, Possibly the largest one in BC
He's considerably larger than our rather large llamas.

Toothless Max, the really old llama.
We love him dearly and are happy we can give him
the care he needs to live out his remaining years.
His fibre is also the softest and finest fibre I've worked with.

Tyrone the rescue alpaca dancing at the fence

more dancing.  

Would you like to stand still for a proper photo?
Shakes head no.
Oh well, here's your breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! So much have done there. I mean animal houses! These alpacas I wanted to see and Im very happy now. The last was very jumpious like a dog! Here comes virtual patting to it: pat, pat! Now it is midnight here and I can go to bed and count jumping alpacas.