Friday, December 27, 2013

For the 12 days of Christmas, I made a challenge for myself.  Take two fleeces (one icelandic and one alpaca), card them together, then spin 12 days or less.

To do that much, in that short a time, is pushing it even for me.  On top of that, this is another one of those fleeces that doesn't like the drum carder, so a good excuse to practice my hand carding.

At least that was the plan.

The thing is, I've caught a rather nasty version of the flu, so I've spent most of the hours since Christmas asleep, or trying to sleep.  The house is pretty much under quarantine at the moment, so if you do need to stop by, don't get closer to me than 6 feet.

Even still, I've managed to get some carding in.  Today's the first day the fever has gone from moderate to mild, so I'm sitting on the sofa watching TV movies and carding wool.  There are worse ways to spend Christmas Holiday.  

Maybe I can finish this project before Distaff Day.  

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