Friday, December 13, 2013

falling fungus for possible yarn dye

Here's some pretty lichens from today's walk in the woods.  Also some arbutus bark and a piece of fungus that fell from the sky.

It's a Bracket Fungus and around here they grow on old stumps and dead trees.

I've seen mention that we may be able to use this to dye yarn and even make paper... sounds like fun to me.  Here's a book that was recommended to me on that topic.  I'm still contemplating getting it as I've just got back from the post office and sending those last minute holiday parcels can be a bit difficult on the bank account.

I think I'll try this little piece and if it works, I have a big chunk growing on a stump that I keep meaning to destroy (both stump and all things growing on it).   It's a nice size mushroom; the ruler in the photo is 12 inches long.

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Anonymous said...

I Googled "arbutus bark" and found very excotic tree. I hope you can collect more lichens. We have double windows and I have seen lichens between them as decorations.
Little birds can do great mess when they try to find insects hiding under moss and lichens. I know hardly nothing about Bracket Fungus. Put 2 eyes on it and it is quite cute!