Monday, December 09, 2013

Handspun Llama hat!

This is my very soft llama hat I knit to go with my grey scarf.

I'm very slowly transforming my wardrobe into something a bit more congruent and full of natural colours.  In fact, I may possibly be obsessing with the colours that the sheep (and llamas) grow naturally, I just can't believe how beautiful they are.

Truth is, I don't know which llama the fibre came from to make this hat.  It may possibly have been both.  I had a pile of fibre that needed spinning, so I spun it in the dark while watching TV.  Only later, I discovered that there were two distinct colours: jet black and dark grey brown.  Oh well.  Random but subtle colour changes make this yarn really nice.  And it's soft!  So soft!  Softer than most wool and 4 times as warm.  I knit the hat loosely because I knew a tightly knit fabric would be too warm.

I used the Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern for a hat from her book The Sweater Workshop.  Knit in 5mm needles, at slightly more than 4 stitches per inch.  It's the best simple hat pattern I've found, but also a bit hard to follow because the pattern is scattered through several chapters in the book.  The hardest part for me was getting my arthritic thumb to not participate while knitting the ribbing... But it is learning, and awareness is the first step to behaviour change, I just with hands were quicker learners.

No one told me that llama could be so incredibly soft!

A little over 500 yards left over and a 5 lbs of fibre... I may just have to spin some up later for a cardigan, but first my wheel and I have other, even more fun commitments.

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