Thursday, January 02, 2014

Cough, cough, spin

Still recovering from that flu.  What a flu!  I'm very grateful to a shepherdess who came and helped care for the animals while I was in bed with the doctor (which is a very old English saying that means I was very sick).  I don't know what we would have done without the help.

All that remains now is persistent cough and a rattle in my lounge.  But up and about, trying desperately to catch up on all our chores.

My twelve day challenge of blending and spinning two fleeces is going better than I expected.  I'm still behind schedule, but it's all carded up and well on the way to being spun.  Part of the delay is the coughing, and part because I really like how it's turning out that I find myself admiring it when I should really be working on it.

Because I don't want to cough all over someone elses yarn, I'm going to stick with this project, even if it takes more than the 12 days.  At this rate I'll probably have it done for the Distaff Day celebration up island which is on Saturday Next.

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