Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lots of fibre prep lately

Lately I've been working on carding and blending wool.

I'm working with three beautiful and very different Icelandic fleeces.  I put each one through the drum carder once, then mix them and pass them through the drum carder, twice more.  A total of three passes is about all the more fragile of the fleeces can handle, but it makes a nicely organized fibre which I can then use my diz to remove and make a roving.  Diz is an object with a hole that the fibre can be drafted (pulled) through.  A roving is a 'rope' or fibre organized in a long length that makes it easier to create a consistent yarn.

It's loads of work to get it ready and taking much longer than I expected.  The thing I like least about this method is that it requires you be attached to a table, with lots of room to work.  So basically I have to actually dedicate time instead of multitasking.  The thing I like best is that it's an absolute dream to spin.  When I sit down at the wheel and start working with it, the joy it gives to spin, and the finished result makes all the work worth while.

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