Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Name change and opinion wanted

The basement is full of fibre: alpaca, sheeps wool, all sorts of different fibres, most of them grown on my farm.  It might just be time to open my etsy shop again, not just as a way of destashing (cleaning out the excess) yarn and fibre, but as an actual business, with a plan and proper name.  Maybe even go to some of the fibre arts events as a vendor if I can get everything ready in time and find someone to help man the booth.

The goal is to raise enough money for a flock of sheep of my very own, and then keep making enough money to pay for their upkeep.

The first thing I want to do is to get a good name.  Something inspiring and happy.  I love Trampled by Geese as a blog name; however, the word 'Trampled' has a negative connotation, and if you don't know me, it might be offputting as a word in a shop name.

Some ideas I was thinking about:

Nacton Farm.  This is the name of the farm I live on right now.  It's small, only 5 acres, but we make the most of it.  It's named in honour of my Grandfather who lives with us.  It's the name of the house where he was born in the UK.  The advantage of Nacton Farm is that it has the word farm in it.  It also makes it part of the farm income which makes the paperwork easier and helps to pay for the animal's upkeep.  The downside is when we move (a few years from now), we would have to change the name.

The other name on the short list is Zakuri Fibre Arts.  Zakuri is the name of an old Japanese tool used for reeling silk.  Since I hope to be raising native silk moths soon, I'll be using a zakuri on a regular basis.  What I like best about this name is that it is fun to say.  Za-ku-ri.  Also, I can keep the name if/when I move.  The down side is, it's not a word familiar to English speakers, the sound is fun, but strange.  And people can make funny rhymes with it:

(said to the rythm of Hickory dicory dock)
Zikuri, zakuri, zock
the sheep ran over the cock
the hen crowd once
the sheep ran off
Zikuri, zakuri, zock

The first person I told the name to made this rhyme.  Is it a sing this is not a good name for a shop?  Or that it's a great one?  I can't tell.

So what do you think would make a good name for my shop?  The focus will be on locally sourced and produced fibre, handspun yarn and other textiles.  With hopefully native silk - grown from a moth that lives wild around these parts.

I don't know if this venture will work or not, as things in my life have a habit of getting out of hand, what with health issues (mine own and others in the family), and other things.  But I don't mind dreaming about it.

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Anonymous said...

Zakuri-machine is an interesting mechanical machine, historical, japanese and almost like a spinning wheel. Many of your hobbies are combined in zakuri-machine. "Zakuri" is not used very much: google "zakuri fibre" and this web page is found. People are telling webshops to each others, so easy name is good, is zakuri easy enough?

When you moved to your farm, black raven birds were flying around, and it was like a good omen. "Ravens nest" is very used in internet, but something else could be invented too, "basket"? I wrote it here because I liked it.

Nice adjectives and substantives (sheep, wool, spirit..) could be collected and then some kind of combinations could be found. Mad combinations are rare and easy to remember.

Trampling can be nice, in my mind trampling geeses are just walking in funny way and their feet are nicely flat.