Saturday, January 18, 2014

Thoughts on a new name, what do you think?

The idea of a name change and image makeover for my shop has been simmering in my unconscious mind for a while now.  Nothing hugely inspiring has come up.  I still like Zakuri Fibre Arts, but I think it's not the right fit for what I'm aiming for.  Of course, I don't know what I'm aiming for, and this is still in the idea stage... given the way things have been going this week, it might never make it past being just an idea.

One of the things I would like the name to include is that we have a lot of rescue animals.  Max, the toothless Llama who's hay is chopped up for him every morning, Mutt'n the adorable sheep we bought to save him from the slaughterhouse, and the chickens.  So many 'special' chickens who have been saved from one tragedy or another.

The whole idea of this store is to pay for the upkeep of these animals.  My heart is bigger than my wallet, and if we rescue any more, we are going to need more land, and feed, and medical (because they all have issues).

So what about Saved Sheep Farm with the next line saying something like, "yarn and fibres from rescued sheep, llamas, alpacas, and any other animals that need our help"?  The byline needs work.

I like the alliteration of the two S's.  Saved Sheep.  It's a catchy title and indicates that we are sheep from a worse fate than us.

What I don't like about it, is that it's focused on sheep.  The farm isn't just sheep and I don't like other animals feeling left out.  Also, we don't save every animal that passes this way.  We also raise our own meat (as a way to ensure the animal lives a fulfilling life before we eat it) and I worry that 'saved sheep' would be interpreted as a false promise.


greenmtngirl said...

I have hesitated to comment on these posts because I haven't been reading your blog that long, but I really liked "Nacton Farm" which you mentioned a while back. It feels natural and like it comes from a particular place, related to the land the sheep/fleece/yarn/etc come from. I have often bought yarn and other goods from farmers (large and small) and I like the association of the farm with the yarn or the fleece or what-have-you. And I think if you move, you can take the name with you. It's your trade name, and you don't have to sell it with the house/land.

I work for myself and so I have been through this naming thing, and it's hard not to get bollixed up in the naming and end up with something a little awkward. Keeping it simple and letting the name have room to take on its own assocations always seems like the best move in the end. Saving Sheep feels awkward to me. Nacton Farm feels easy, natural, like a place I would buy wool from.

Sarah said...

I agree with greenmtngirl! I like Nacton Farm. And I'm not sure that Saved Sheep quite encompasses who you are.
cheers, s.

Anonymous said...

It is possible in future that you will have wools from your friends animals to sell. Perhaps you have swapped wools or got it in another way. And maybe you will sell some your used farm and household equipments too. Then name "Nacton Farm" is good. "Saved" is a little bit like "shaved" too.

I tried to find a name with an action style word... spinning chicken, whorlwind... it is not easy to find good ideas.