Thursday, September 24, 2015

Carding cotton into punis

Cotton Boll

Seeds easily removed by
gently holding fibre and pushing out the seed

Charge the cards with the fibre

Card the cotton to organize the fibre

Rolling the carded cotton around a knitting needle

To create a puni which keeps the fibre organized and easy to spin
The cotton I'm working with for the tutorial didn't come in boll form (that's from a floral shop), but rather it's already been removed from the spiky shell and is ready to separate from the seed.  The seeds are about as heavy as the fibre, so a pound of cotton, actually makes about half a pound of fibre, and half a pound of seed.  But with luck, maybe these seeds will grow and the house will be full of cotton houseplants.

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Josiane said...

It's so nice that the process can be so simple! Thank you for demonstrating it. I want to spin cotton eventually, and now I know I don't have to limit myself to getting cotton that's already been fully prepared for spinning.
I'm looking forward to seeing your yarn!