Thursday, September 24, 2015

Flax processing tools

dried flax plant with seed pod

removing the seed pods with a dowel

seeds ready to winnow

Once the flax is retted and dried, we break the flax.
This begins separating the boon (chaff) from the fibres

The flax is then scratched using a wooden sword and board to remove more boon from the fibre.

The flax is then passed through the hackles, starting with coarse ones like this

Long and spiky, these hackles work well.
Traditionally the spikes would not be round, but have three or four sides,
with very sharp corners

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Josiane said...

I've long been curious about how flax is processed, but never had th echance to attend a demonstration. Thank you for this glimpse in the process! Again, I'm looking forward to seeing the yarn you spin with that fibre.