Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Shooting star

Last night I saw the biggest and brightest shooting star I've ever seen.  It was huge, like an airplane and although it was bright white with all the colours like a prism, it was at the same time deep crimson.  It came in very steep and felt like it would hit the trees across the road, but I'm certain it was much further away than that.  Just before it drew even with the tree tops, it winked out.  I don't think it touched the ground, but it was amazing to see a meteor that large and that close.  I had to be looking in that exact direction, at that exact moment, on that exact day.  Half a second delay or too soon, and I would have missed it.  That rock, or chunk of ice fell into this planet's atmosphere at that exact time, and it will never do so again.

Not much later in the night, just before Tuesday finished with us, my grandfather passed away.  He had been very poorly the last few days, and in the end it was a blessing that he didn't have to suffer anymore.

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Josiane said...

The label you've applied to that post beautifully sums it up: Love.
I'm sending love your way, carried by a shooting star.