Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stir crazy?

It's snowing again today and I tell you, my toes are mighty cold.

I really need slippers. But, in spite of my mighty knitting skills, I suck at making slippers!

Even so, I decided I'd give it a try. I have a small collection of sweaters that I've shrunk over the years. Lovely nice warm wool sweaters that lost the never ending argument with modern technology. I thought they would make some great slippers. So I cut them up.

While I was cutting, I noticed something that caught my attention.

That looks something like a vest. I like wearing vests in this weather. Hmm... I wonder... what if I cut a little bit more here and make it a V neck and I wonder....what if I crochet the edges with a light blue yarn.... and then full it a bit more to make it just the right size?

Stunning! I love this! Once it was fulled, I brushed the fabric to make it look and feel like it was always meant to be this vest. The fabric is so strong, and soft, and warm. I love it!

Only... I decided to cut corners and instead of fulling it by hand like I would usually do, I gave my washing machine a chance to redeem itself....What is it said about solving problems with the same level of thinking that created them?

This lovely vest is far too small for me. Sigh. Now what am I going to do with it?

I have the joy of making a beautiful vest - a real work of art - but my feet are still cold.

Maybe I should change my approach? Something like offering 100yds of handspun yarn to someone willing to knit me a pair of warm, strong, wool slippers?

Maybe I'm just stir crazy from all this snow.

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Josiane said...

I agree with you: that vest is gorgeous! Could you put it for sale at Knotty by Nature? I think I remember they had finished products for sale too, don't they? Or would it fit your little friend to whom you've taught how to weave recently? Hmm, maybe not, she's still very little...

As for the slippers, an idea: if you fulled the sleeves of the sweater you cut up for the vest, would there be enough fabric to sew a pair of warm slippers for you? Otherwise, I would be delighted to knit a pair for you, but I have a feeling that you migt want them before the end of winter, and I haven't been able to make much time for knitting for a while... so I'm afraid it would take me way too long. Hopefully, you have local friends who are faster knitters than I am.