Monday, December 10, 2012

Haven't even put the wheels on yet (sad face)

Finally found a few moments to work on the vintage Traveleze project.  

My goal of having the floor installed by New Years (this upcoming New Years) has never seemed so far away. My biggest problem is that I cannot seem to muster up the necessary enthusiasm for this part of the project.  The chassis simply does not interest me.

But I'm plodding along (with a large amounts of help from my father who understands how it's suppose to go together).

This is apparently a spring.  It's just placed where it's going to go in this photo and not installed yet.  The fun thing about installing the springs is that the bolt like things that hold it in place are 1) heavier than they look, 2) fit really snug, and 3) have this fragile grease nipple (he, he nipple) on them that is easy to break.

Plodding away at it slowly, but it's difficult when you only have a few minutes here and there.  Now that I have most of my holiday chores finished, I can dedicate more time to it.  Been spending a lot of time researching what materials are strong but light, and different construction methods.  Also, looking at fabric swatches to remind myself what the finished trailer is going to look like.  Awesome!  That's what it's going to look like.  I just have to remind myself so I can get through the necessary drudgery.

Anyway, much more frequent blogging this time of year over on my WWFSM, my yummy food blog.  There is bread, bread pudding, and in the next day or two, a recipe for bread made from beer mash.  Also I have my photos almost ready for my first adventure in beer brewing.  Just need a spare moment to write it up.

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knitonepugtwo said...

Hi! I just found the thread you started on Remrants on Ravelry. Was wondering how the trailer reno went?