Monday, December 03, 2012

Vintage Auto Knitter goes back in the box, for now

I'm putting my Auto Knitter back in the box... for now.

I've almost got it working.  I took out every second hook and threaded it per instructed but alas...

Before putting it in the box I took out all the needles, gave them a generous helping of sewing machine oil, wrapped them in paper towel and stored in an air tight container.  Please Note, oily paper towels and cloth, when exposed to air over time, can spontaneously combust and burn down your house.  Keep them air tight and dispose of them properly when no longer needed.

My next step is to order some new needles.  I think that is where my major problem is at the moment.  Some of the needles are slightly bent and several of them have a latch that does not move smoothly.

  From there I will try again on my own.  When - ops I meant to say if - if that fails, then I will get in touch with one of the lovely mentors who have offered their services, and see if they would like to visit our fair town.  Maybe they could host a Get to Know your Circular Sock Machine and Troubleshooting class?

If anyone is actually interested in a course like that in Victoria, let me know.  I'll see if I can arrange one.  It would probably be late January or Fab.  2013.

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