Monday, December 17, 2012

Henny Penny home again

Henny Penny is home now, very dopey and not too happy.

I'm pretty certain Henny Penny understood 'scary thing make foot feel better', but she can't understand why we had to make her toe go away.  The flesh was dead and if we didn't amputate, it would basically creep up her foot and cause her a slow and very painful time until it reached her heart.  But explaining that to a hen, even a smart one like Henny Penny, can be a bit difficult at the best of times.

Two weeks in the house is not going to make for a happy hen, but some good medicine and lots of love... hopefully this will do the trick.


Josiane said...

Sending good wishes for a speedy recovery to Henny Penny!

Anonymous said...

Sleepy chicken is cute. Good photo.