Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday decoration

I'm not one to go all out for The Holidays; however, I do enjoy a good feast.  Now that my usual holiday gathering is full of kids as well as adults, I thought why not have a bit of fun decorating.

Fancy Mochi New Years thing,
plus fruit and nuts to help make the display a bit more festive.

A small toy or book for each kid, plus some small token for each adult.  That plus a feast is enough to make The Holidays special without too much stress.

Shiny star for the top of my tree
Usually for the holidays I gather green branches that got blown down in the wind and use them to make some decorations, and then cut some holly berries and bright yellow willow branches and maybe some bright red dogwood for colour.  But this year I found a myrtle tree at the nursery.  I couldn't resist.  Myrtle is associated with everlasting friendship and for keeping away the black death.   

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Anonymous said...

There is a polar bear! Pocky sticks are Japanese biscuits.