Sunday, June 06, 2010

The blog

I just found out that I had several un-moderated comments on this blog. Sometimes I get spam comments encouraging us to visit some sex shop or something like that. If I leave the blog open to comments, a person or computer program goes and comments on twenty or more posts all in the same day. Since this blog tries to stay open to all ages and avoid a PG rating, I don't feel that Enlargement adds are keeping in the spirit of the blog.

So, I have things set up that I can moderate comments before they show up on the blog. It's cut down the attempted spam by quite a lot. It also means that sometimes my email filters forget to send the email to me saying that there are new comments that need moderating.

I just found several lovely comments waiting for moderating, that should have been allowed but I didn't know about at the time. I apologize if I was slow at approving your comments.

Today is a grey day with the heavy mist/light rain that is so common in this part of the world. I'm actually glad for the weather because I've had such busy days lately. Today I am determined to stay in my PJs and play with yarn. It's the perfect weather for it.

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Josiane said...

A slow, quiet day in PJs does indeed sound perfectly appropriate for a day like today!