Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A late tatting tea tuesday

Believe it or not I didn't have any tea yesterday. I didn't even realize it was Tuesday.

It was sunny and lovely outside, so I weeded the cutting bed with a chicken lounging next to me. I'm still recovering from the adventures of the last week or so, and I didn't manage to do much else except play with the critters and pick away at a bit of knitting.

As for tatting, I had several goes at a pattern to use as a tea tray mat, that was shared with me by a member of In Tatters (a tatting community).

I kept making mistakes. Actually, I kept making the same mistakes over and over again. For some reason my brain simply would not count to four. So I thought I would leave off for a while and maybe try it again later.

I did tat a bookmark for my dad. I tried to make it more manly looking than my previous ones and I quite like how it turned out.

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Isdihara said...

I quite like how your bookmark turned out too. It is beautiful!

As for the brain-draining tea tray mat pattern, it happens. You did the right thing by putting it down and switching to another project. The next time you work on it I bet it will go smoothly for you.

Thanks for joining in the Tatting Tea Tuesay fun! I really enjoyed reading your post.

See you next week for more communi-tea!