Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tatting TARDIS Tuesday with anise tea

I've been very slowly tatting my first TARDIS. A week into the pattern and I'm finished the first row of rings.

Doctor Who says that a TARDIS is not made, it's grown and I feel very much that this must be true. Only, it seems to take forever to grow. Admittedly, it is my first time doing the split ring technique, and if you consider that, then I think I'm doing well. I'll just slowly plug away at it and see how long it takes to grow a TARDIS.

In the mean time, I'm looking for some tatting thread to make this with. It looks like a simple enough pattern, but larger than anything I've undertaken so far.

I don't know what size of thread to get. I want it to be close to real life size, maybe for a small adult face or a large child. I don't know anything at all about proper tatting thread. I've been using weaving threads to date, but I want something special to use for this. I hope to enter it into the local fall fair.

I would love to use some hand dyed thread, but I haven't seen anything I like on etsy yet.

Ideally, I would like a dark semi-solid colour, perhaps deep blue and black, or better yet, deep garnet. Some sort of dark jewel colour, mysterious, yet with hints of hidden fire. Greens or purples would be fine as well, so long as it is one colour with different tones or intensities; silk, cotton, or linen; and has the same feeling as the mask pattern - hiding and revealing at the same time.

Also, someone that doesn't charge a ridiculous amount to ship to Canada is a must. If they wanted to exchange for the same yardage of finely handspun silk thread, that would be even better.

So, magical tatters out there. Any thoughts? Where does one find the perfect thread?


Josiane said...

Oh, the mask pattern is gorgeous! It would make for a very remarkable entry to the fair. Good luck finding the perfect thread - it'll be worth it!

Isdihara said...

I love the idea that you are working on your TARDIS tatting on Tuesdays and drinking tea! Awesome!

It is a great idea for a tat-a-long! Get a group together and work on a TARDIS a little bit each Tuesday until you all are done.

Wishing I had any ideas or threads to suggest for your lovely mask project. I agree that it will make a lovely fair project. Best of luck!