Sunday, June 06, 2010

June yarn

I always forget how much yarn there is in June.

First there is the Victoria Fibre Festival which has all sorts of wonderful events: a fashion show, yarn crawl, knit in public events, classes, spindle walk and of course, the ever popular Knit Out with shopping. I think I missed out an event or two, but there is just so much yarn fun packed into the two weeks that the festival goes on for. You will just have to click on the link if you want to learn more.

Second, I found out this morning that one of the long standing local yarn shops is closing it's doors for good and there's only 8 days until the end. The Beacon Yarn Studio in Sidney will Close on June 15th, 2010. Which means that sadly, they won't be part of the yarn crawl for the fibre fest this year. However, I am told by the owner that they will be at the Knit Out in Saxe Point on June 20th with the last of their stock. They will maintain an online presence in the yarn community, and with luck they will return to Victoria for future knitting events.

I gave up on having a relaxing day in my PJs to go and visit the shop. They have some very nice deals on to clear out their inventory. I know, terrible of me to go there without telling you all first, but I can be selfish sometimes. And, it's not just that I wanted to get my hands on some sale yarn before everyone mobbed the joint - I also wanted to confirm the rumor (is that spelt rumour? Did I spell "spelt" right?) with my own eyes. It would be terribly irresponsible of me to post about something as important as this without supporting evidence. Wouldn't it?

Well, I did buy some yarn; Berrocco Peruvian. I want to knit another Eris. I had spun some yarn from cat fibre (matted cat fibre, yuck) for a friend of my G'pa's and used the money she paid me to buy enough for the sweater. Yarn thus transforms into more yarn.

Third, my guild has it's buy and sell this month. Gulp! I hope there isn't anything there I want.

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Josiane said...

Oh, lots of yarny fun! And yeah, I agree that an occasion such as a last opportunity to visit a local yarn store (not to mention the sale!) was a good reason to give up the relaxing day in PJs. :)