Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Victoria Fibre Festival 2010

Given the extent of my sniffles - and yes, they actually have gotten worse despite my thinking things were about as sniffley as they could get - I keep worrying that I will miss the climax of the Victoria Fibre Festival this year: The Knit Out at Saxe Point.

I missed it last year thanks to my health and I am determined to make it this year.

Thinking back on how much this one event has changed my life over the years, I realize just how important it is to me that I go. Think about it. I leaned to spin. I met the most wonderful people like The Kittens (do you still read this? Give me a call if yes). I got to help out Shelley of Fun Knits who was the major sponsor of the festival for several years. We had our first glimpse of Knotty by Nature (this years major sponsor) before their shop even opened.

This fibre festival has given me many of the things that keep me going through these difficult times.

I am grateful.

A couple of years ago I wrote about the festival and today I decided to dig up the old entries and have another read. Here are the entries I like best:

Fibre festival and Friends (honestly not the same post as above)
And simply, Fibre Festival

I have hope that the sniffles will be gone by Sunday. I'll be with the spinners and weavers with my wheel for at least some of the day. I might bring some tatting too, but only if I can get the courage up.

Please come and show your appreciation to those who worked so hard to make this all possible.


yui said...

I regularly visit your blog.
Keep on challenging!

Sarah said...

I do hope you get to come on Sunday, if only for a little while. The guild booth will be on the other side this year, facing the water so we get to spin with a view!
Isn't fibre great?

Sarah said...
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