Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday with lemon and ginger tea

I think it's a little more than Hay Fever. I think I might actually have a cold. Needless to say I'm miserable company. It's the first cold I've had since Feb 2007.

And for that reason, today's tea is honey and thinly sliced fresh lemon and ginger. I make a big pot of it and drink some of it hot, and leave the rest to steep throughout the day until it's just too spicy to take. With luck this might subdue some of my sniffles and sneezes and get me well enough in time for Saxe Point next Sunday.

Good thing it's raining today; I don't feel so bad about staying inside wrapped up in a blanket, tatting and knitting - and possibly weaving.

Yesterday my new tatting shuttles arrived in the post. They are two wood shuttles made by the famous David Reed Smith. Photos later. They are so light weight and the perfect shape and size for my hand. The wood makes them feel lovely and warm to use. The only complaint I have is that I find myself admiring David's craftsmanship when I mean to be tatting. A wonderful investment and something I would buy again given the chance.

I took my new shuttles, sat outside in the lovely summer weather, wound on some thread and tatted a bookmark, or at least I tried to. I didn't get very far because I also took the baby ducks out of the brooder for their first outing. They are just so cute and given that they think I'm mummy, they want my constant attention. That's ducklings for you.

Yes, apparently water is for sitting in, heaven forbid one should stick to just drinking it. I set up a larger 'swimming pool' for them which they just loved. Next sunny day, I'll do it again.

Now that I've finished my bookmark, I think I'll have another go at Jon's foldover bookmark. It uses two shuttles which should help me get my confidence up enough to tat the TARDIS (pdf).


BusyB said...

hope you feel better :) WHAT CUTE DUCKS!

***Jon**** said...

I hope you feel better soon. Have fun with the shuttles.

❦TattingChic said...

Can't wait to see the shuttles! Those duckies look so cute! :D
Get better! (((hugs)))
~TattingChic ♥

Isdihara said...

My first thought after seeing those adorable lil' quackers was "Duck Amuck" -- hee, hee.

Feel better soon, shuttle therapy is great for what ails you. ;-)