Thursday, March 15, 2012

Can an old sewing machine motor be used to generate electrical power?

Further progress in my mystery (and increasingly steampunk) project:

What I learned today: I can easily produce at least 1.5 volts of DC current and a whole bunch of amps with an old sewing machine electric motor. It takes very little effort and can be sustained for hours.

But is it enough to charge a battery? Is it a lot of power or not much at all? Can I just attach my electric motor turned generator to a battery and hope it charges it or does there need to be something else involved? If I put two sewing machines motors in series and turned them at the same time and rate, would I produce twice as much power? Do batteries like amps or volts more?

These are things I need to know?

Still offering extra-special hand spun yarn and / or lovely spinning fibre for person who knows electrics and can help coach me through this project. Heck, I'd even through in a free vintage sewing machine if you could pay the shipping cost.


Greg said...

I might be able to answer ur question 20 years ago, when i was a high school student and good at physics. LOL. sewing machine

Josiane said...

I love that picture! For some reason, the presence of your notebook and fountain pen gives me the impression that you're doing serious detective work about your project - which is probably true, in a sense!